3D Printing Essentials


Are you interested in 3D Printing? Emmett Lalish and Kris Iverson from the 3D Printing Team (part of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft) will take you through the essentials of 3D printing. We will explore 3D printer hardware and the print process and then examine the software that enables you to create, modify, and print 3D models. You will also get some insights into 3D scanning technologies and what is coming up in the world of 3D printing.

Full course outline:

01: 3D Printing Overview

02: 3D Printing Hardware

03: 3D Printing Software

04: 3D Builder

05: 3D Model Repair

06: End-to-End 3D Printing

07: Design for 3D Printing

08: 3D Model Scanning with Kinect Fusion

09: 3D Printing Opportunities



Course Credits:  JeffKochMicrosoftLearningExperiences and Channel9

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