Artificial Intelligence a-z: Learn How To Build an AI

Combine the power of Data Science, Machine Learning to create powerful AI for Real-World applications


AI is reshaping your relationship with the world, and it’s just getting started. Tesla’s autopilot, job automation, the products you ‘stumble upon’ online – it’s entering our daily lives, careers, businesses, even our homes with such blistering pace you probably haven’t even realized it. There’s most likely an AI resting in your pocket this very second. Crazy, right? With this exponential growth in AI, we’re teetering on the edge of a new industrial revolution. There’s a reason Andrew Ng, the founder of $100m company Coursera said: “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity” – soon it’ll be as much a part of your daily life as your smartphone, except without the off button. But here’s where things get really crazy. This time around, the revolution will see machines taking on tasks no human intellect could ever perform. Imagine how that will change the world in the next 50 years! We’re just setting the ball in motion, and that’s exactly why this brand new course is so highly requested. All of this means there’s a massive opportunity for people like you, equipped with the right AI skillset, to either: -Join talent-hungry tech companies and be at the forefront of global innovation. -Launch unique businesses or apps for the next generation. -Simply have huge amounts of fun with cool AI projects at home. We know what you’re thinking… “But don’t these pioneering companies and exciting tech startups need a college degree to even get my foot in the door?” – not quite. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, himself said during an interview “There’s no need to even have a degree at all, or even high school…if there’s a track record of exceptional ability”….skill trumps credentials. And if you’re just looking to enjoy the huge potential for fun creative projects with AI from the comfort of your home, that’s possible too. AI can be deployed anywhere; we’ll show you! But where can you learn the AI skills needed for all this? Not everyone has the seven years it takes to get a PhD in computer science or the patience to self-teach from scattered sources and dense textbooks. The world needs to gain access to these valuable skills in a fun and engaging way without all the time and bank-busting financial investment, and it needs it now… We’ve been asked non-stop for a course in the explosive field of Artificial Intelligence, which would teach the broader range of skills needed to solve real-world problems in a fun and exciting way. Deep Learning is great for specific problems, but AI’s uses are truly limitless. Today we’re excited to announce Artificial Intelligence A-Z™, a brand new course teaching you how to unleash the full power of AI and open up countless doors for innovation across any field or personal project.


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