Machine Learning Algorithms

machine learning algorithms for beginners


This Machine Learning Algorithms Tutorial video will help you learn you what is Machine Learning, various Machine Learning problems and the algorithms, key Machine Learning algorithms with simple examples and use cases implemented in Python. The key Machine Learning algorithms discussed in detail are Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest and KNN algorithm. This Machine Learning Algorithms tutorial is designed for beginners to understand which algorithm to use when, how each algorithm works and implement it on Python with real-life use cases. Below topics are covered in this Machine Learning Algorithms Tutorial: 1. Real world applications of Machine Learning 2. What is Machine Learning? 3. Processes involved in Machine Learning 4. Type of Machine Learning Algorithms 5. Popular Algorithms with hands-on demo – Linear regression – Logistic regression – Decision tree and Random forest – N Nearest neighbour.



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Machine Learning Algorithm

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